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Total Core Burnout Workout

Row Deadbug Russian Twist Toes to Bar Workout

Yes, this is going to get your core fired up! Finish any workout session with this total core burnout for a great, long-lasting after-burn. Prepare an area with a rower, Kettlebell and pull-up bar and have some fun with it! The minute and half is meant for a consistent interval, instead of a “hot out of the gate” sprint. Stay consistent and work through the interval while looking forward to the upcoming rest interval.

As you progress through the rounds, increase intensity and challenge yourself through the interval. Stay aggressive and motivated through the toes to bar. To scale this workout, do knees to bar or sit-ups to scale this workout. To increase the difficulty, do weighted deadbugs with a kettlebell overhead.

Repeat 4 Times

1:30 Row
:20 Rest
1:30 Deadbug
:20 Rest
1:30 KB Russian Twist
:20 Rest
1:30 Toes To Bar
:20 Rest


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