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The HIITCore Team

Carlos Terron HIITCore

Carlos Terron - Founder / CEO - Trainer & Fitness Class Coach

Inspired by the desire to change people’s lives, Carlos left an established career in Information Technology to pursue his ever-growing love for fitness, health and wellness. An avid fitness enthusiast, himself, Carlos has participated in many types of fitness competitions including road races, triathlons, local CrossFit® competitions and long distance biking events. Carlos found his passion in high intensity interval training (HIIT) and core strength training while training and coaching others.

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Carlos Terron HIITCore

Jordan McMillan - Fitness Class Coach

Jordan has lengthy boxing background. She brings great fitness skills and capabilities that are a great asset to the team.

Carlos Terron HIITCore

Julie Larkin - Fitness Class Coach - Personal Trainer

A mom of 5, Julie is a force to be reckoned with. Always carrying a smile, Julie is loved by many for her skills and ability to push members to excel.

Carlos Terron HIITCore

Mike Mansfield - Fitness Class Coach

Mike has collegiate sports background. He brings great leadership and athleticism that are a great asset to the team.