HIITCore Fitness | Our Team | Carlos Terron

Carlos Terron - Founder / CEO

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Certified Nutrition Coach
  • CrossFit® Level 1 - previous
  • CF Weightlifting & Gymnastics - previous
  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach - previous

Inspired by the desire to change people’s lives, Carlos left an established career in Information Technology to pursue his ever-growing love for fitness, health and wellness. An avid fitness enthusiast, himself, Carlos has participated in many types of fitness competitions including road races, triathlons, local CrossFit® competitions and long distance biking events. Carlos found his passion in high intensity interval training (HIIT) and core strength training while managing gyms, training and coaching others.

Through his experience and studies, Carlos believed in creating a system that focused on HIIT and involved stabilizing and strengthening the core without having to spend multiple hours in the gym. The results of HIIT have been wildly researched and found to be the ultimate best way to burn fat and continue burning after your workout is done.

For modern day living, this type of workout is perfect. Founded in May of 2017, Carlos created HIITCore Fitness to bring functional fitness to everyone; novice and athlete alike benefit from training at HIITCore.

“Your body thrives on functional high intensity and core strength conditioning. These two components mixed together, varied at different timed domains and intensities is what HIITCore is all about. There’s no other way of getting fit in my opinion.” says Carlos.

Carlos teamed up with his wife, Ellen and together have created a thriving business with a promising future.

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When not at the gym training himself or others, Carlos loves to spend time with his son, wife and two French bulldogs.



"The first 4 months I started training, I had Carlos to help me out through everything, I was lucky to start off with such a great coach. Right from the get go he kept myself and the class motivated and most importantly he kept the workouts fun. Carlos spent a lot of time with me teaching me the correct movements and techniques for the lifts I had troubles with. He’s a great coach but also a great guy, I would recommend him to anyone!”

By Nubia Goncalves


"If you're looking for a personal coach/trainer, go see Carlos Terron. I met coach Terron when I started training and instantly knew he was great coach. He's very knowledgeable with a great a personality. He personally took the time and helped me through several technique issues to help me through sticking points that I was encountering with some of the lifts and moves. My progression has been fantastic with Coach Terron’s assistance. I highly recommend seeing coach Terron for your personal fitness goals.”

By Jim Campbell


"Like everyone else, I have always had and will have fitness goals. Personally, I want to stay active for my family and be able to do things with them. I was 25 pounds overweight and needed to make a change. It’s like everything lined up and I reconnected with a friend of mine. Yup, you know him as Carlos Terron the founder of HIITCore Fitness. He devised a plan to get me going, he followed up with me every day, he encouraged healthy eating habits, he helped build me from the ground up. I can say today I am at my desired weight and continue to pick his brain about things. He checks in on me from time to time because he cares. Lastly, he knows what he’s doing. He invests in himself and what he believes in the fitness world. Best of all, he even worked out alongside me. He’s not just going to program you, Carlos will also join in on those workouts. I mean, just look at him and you can tell. Overall, I look forward to building upon my fitness alongside Carlos. ”

By John Fortes