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Member Spotlight – Kerry Piccolo

Kerry first began her fitness journey at HIITCore as a personal training client. Both her and Jean were doing small group training two times per week. Frequently wearing a positive attitude and smile, she seemed to always take on every challenging workout and have fun with it. Kerry has since transitioned into classes and is doing great!

She is stronger and fitter and the Inbody Body Composition Analyzer really solidifies that for us.

Since her initial reading on 9.14.18

Weight: -7.9 lbs.
Skeletal Muscle Mass: +1.3 lbs
Percent Body Fat: -5%

“My younger self grew up in Weymouth, played volleyball at Stonehill College and then worked in advertising. Fifteen years ago, I got married and moved to Braintree. I’m a mom to two beautiful daughters and as a family we enjoy spending summers on Cape Cod and playing some golf. You may see me around town walking our dog, Georgie.

I consider the first sip of coffee, liquid gold. And I find sharing a bottle of wine, always a good time.

I joined HIITCore with my friend Jean, in September. We began with two workouts a week and are now up to 5. My goal is to drop lbs while gaining muscle so I’ve been doing In Body readings every 6 weeks to keep me in check. There are several things I enjoy about this gym, the trainers Carlos and Alyssa, my workout buddies, and the diverse workouts that target everywhere!

I like that we sweat it out and I can close the rings on my Apple Watch before most have eaten breakfast!”

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