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Member Spotlight – Tommy Layman

Becoming an Athlete Meant More

By Tommy Layman

I’ve always been an active guy, competing in distance races and thinking that to truly be an athlete you needed to accomplish marathons or half Ironmans.
My perspective changed last May when I was at mile 17 of the Maine Coast Marathon. I was toast, and looking back on a picture that a race photographer took of me I realized I wasn’t in shape at all. I looked fairly miserable. Sure, I could run far…


I showed up to HIITCore a few days after the marathon for my first class. My body wasn’t even remotely ready, but I needed to try something new. And I’m so glad I showed up that day.
The consistency and variability in the program that Carlos and Alyssa have put together challenges you to be an all-around athlete. If you trust the process and show up, good things are going to happen. I needed a place where it was community focused and good people around, instead of heading to a gym full of mirrors and people with head phones in their ears.
I know I’m stronger than I was at mile 17 of that race just six months ago. I feel it. I see it. And this is only the beginning. Maybe some day I will tackle those long races again. When I do, I’ll make sure to never feel like I did on that race day.
And I have HIITCore to thank for that.

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