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touch your toes in 14 days

Touch Your Toes Challenge – 2 Weeks

By Carlos Terron, CPT

With some improved range of motion, you too can touch your toes by dedicating some time to stretching. Take on this challenge and start touching your toes in a few weeks. Let’s cover some of the essentials.

In order to achieve the ability to touch your toes, you need to dedicate a minimum of 5-10 minutes per day stretching and promoting longer muscles. You’ll need to be flexible in the hamstrings, calves, hip abductors/adductors, lower back and glutes. It is recommended that you are active and/or currently exercise a few times per week.


  • Currently active & exercising.
  • Can do attitude.


  • Resistance Band
  • Foam Roller

5 Steps before we begin:

  1. Warm Up – It is important that we warm up the muscles before attempting to stretch them beyond their current range of motion. Think of a rubber band in which case if you stretch a rubber band after it being in the fridge for an extended period of time, it is likely to strain or break.
  2. Foam Roll – Foam rolling your legs before a stretch is great to break up muscle adhesion. Roll the foam roller slowly up and down in the anterior on quads to hip flexors as well as posterior on calves, hamstrings and glutes.
  3. Static Stretch – Hold static stretches for over 30 seconds. This allows our bodies to relax the Golgi tendon organ (GTO) to relax and allow for maximum stretch.
  4. Dedication – Set aside 5-10 minutes every single day to achieve touching your toes. You will be amazed how flexible you are if you stay consistent. Stay active on a daily basis and participate in activities which will promote flexibility including exercise and sports.
  5. Take a deep breath – Breathe in and exhale as you descend. Breathe and make your way back up. Avoid holding your breath at the bottom of the toe touch.
  6. Listen to your body – If you’re at your max reach, do not push it and inadvertently strain yourself. We’re going for longevity. Your ability to touch your toes is a life-long skill and once you’re on your way to get it, you will soon get it so don’t rush it if you’re not there just yet.

Movements Explained:

Foam Roll:

Calf Muscle Foam Roll | 30-60 seconds

Notorious for being a tight muscle, the calf muscle needs to be regularly maintained to achieved continuous flexibility and proper mobility. Foam roll the calf muscle to break up adhesion and loosen the overactive calves.

Hamstrings and Gluteal Muscles Foam Roll | 30-60 seconds

foam roll hamstrings and glutes muscle explained

Highly under-active, the glutes are a necessary component to overall leg health and body position. Foam roll the glutes along with the hamstrings which are consistently shortened by us sitting for prolonged periods.

Resistance Band:

Supine Hamstrings Band Stretch | 30-40 seconds each leg

supine hamstring band stretch

Put a band around your foot and lay back bringing your leg up. Keep the leg as straight as possible as you get a good stretch of the hamstring and glutes. 

Seated Band Hamstrings Stretch | 30-40 seconds

Sit down and extend the legs in front of you, feet touching together. Place the band over the middle of both feet and pull back on the band gradually, slowly increasing tension. Maintain legs as straight as possible.

Hip Adductors:

Prone Groin Stretch | 30-40 seconds

prone groin stretch demonstration

While on your knees, slowly start bringing the knees wider until you achieve a good stretch in the inner side of your legs. This stretch requires a higher degree of pain tolerance. Maintain this hold for a minimum of 30 seconds. Increase the stretch as you perform this stretch from time to time.

Standing Wide-Leg Folded Stretch | 30-40 seconds

standing wide-leg folded stretch

Widen your stance and fold down and touch the ground. Keep your legs as straight as possible.

Standing Wide-Leg Lateral Lunge Stretch | 30-40 seconds

lateral lunge stretch

Stand with a wide stance and lean into one leg will the other leg remains extended. As your performing this stretch, ensure your bent knee is tracking over the foot. Common mistakes include having the knee cave in or excessive track outside the foot.

Calf Muscle:

Standing Calf Stretch | 30-40 seconds

Walk up to a wall or post (as shown here), lean back and down, pike your foot up to the wall or post and lean in.

Hip Flexors:

Runner’s Lunge Stretch | 30-40 seconds

Lunge forward and stretch the hip flexor by leaning forward. Hold for 15-20 seconds and bring your elbow as close to your foot as possible. Once the elbow is near the foot, hold for 30-40 seconds.

World’s Greatest Stretch | 30-40 seconds

Continuing from the previous stretch, this more advanced move stretches regions in your back, hips and legs. Accomplish this stretch with patience and persistence.

Hamstrings and Lower Back:

Rag doll Stretch | 30-40 seconds

Getting yourself used to shifting your weight back to your heals will be important to achieving the toe touch. Practice increasing your ability to straighten your legs as much as possible during this rag doll stretch.

Touch Your Toes Stretch | 30-40 seconds

touch your toes in 14 days

You’ve worked really hard. It’s time to give it a shot and touch your toes! Take a deep breath and exhale on your way down. Reach down and get as low as you can without straining yourself. Congratulations!! You did it!!

If you’re close but not there just yet, it’s time to celebrate on how much closer you are than ever before. Don’t get discouraged and keep hammering away at the stretches and mobility improvements. You will get it in no time!!

7 Day Program

Day 1:

Repeat 2-3 times: Calf Muscle Foam Roll, Glutes Foam Roll, Hamstring Foam Roll, Standing Calf Stretch


Day 2:

Repeat 2-3 times: Seated Band Hamstring Stretch,  Supine Band Hamstring Stretch, Standing Calf Stretch, Wide-Leg Fold Stretch


Day 3:

Repeat 2-3 times: Prone Groin Stretch, Wide-Leg Lateral Lunge, Runner’s Stretch, World’s Greatest Stretch


Day 4:

Repeat 2-3 times: Wide-Leg Lateral Lunge, Standing Calf Stretch, Rag Doll Stretch, Seated Band Hamstring Stretch


Day 5:

Repeat 2-3 times: Supine Band Hamstring Stretch, Wide-Leg Fold, Calves/Hamstrings and Gluteal Muscles Foam Roll


Day 6:

Repeat 2-3 times: Seated Band Hamstring Stretch, Rag Doll Stretch, Wide-Leg Lateral Lunge, Prone Groin Stretch


Day 7:

Repeat 2-3 times: Runner’s Stretch, World’s Greatest Stretch, Wide-Leg Fold, Touch Your Toes Stretch


If needed, repeat the 7 Day program until you are able to touch your toes. Have fun and let us know how you do by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram #hiitcorefitness


Please remember these are only recommendations based on our experience. Not everyone is successful at touching their toes as there are many other factors to consider including your health, body composition and movement restrictions. Please consult your medical provider before commencing any exercise or stretch.