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  • I understand that dietary and lifestyle treatment takes dedication. I will follow the program while under medical care. I understand that stalling is typical and can be expe cted even while following a structured plan.
  • I understand that during treatment, I need adequate sleep, extra water, and will limit or abstain from alcohol. I understand that recording my food intake is crucial to my success. I agree to contact Weighless MD or its affiliate if I am not achieving results as expected. Any lost time due to failure of a follow-up or non-compliance will be my responsibility and not that of the prescribing practitioners.
  • I understand that all programs and services are non-refundable. I understand that Weighless MD can alter my plan to accommodate my personal and healthcare needs. There are no contraindications for healthy eating. I understand that I am expected to follow and utilize all resources provided during my specific program. I understand that my results will depend on my commitment and dedication to the program.