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Low Plank Hold exercise

Under 7 Minutes HIIT Workout

Total Time: 6:45 min.

Target Muscles: Full Body

Straight from our HIITCore Training Guide, this sure to get your heart pounding, quick and easy workout is great for a finisher or a workout in between other workout segments. Don’t have time to rush to the gym? Are you traveling for work and wondering how to burn some calories? Give this workout a try. You won’t regret it.

HIIT Workout

Repeat 3 Times

:30 High Knees
:15 Rest
:30 Burpees
:15 Rest
:30 Plank up / Plank Down
:15 Rest

The work to rest ratio here is 30 seconds work, 15 seconds rest. Easily underestimated, the high knees followed by the burpees are both likely to shoot the heart rate up. We’re targeting short and intense anaerobic burst with enough rest to get a few breaths in before going back at it.

Begin with high knees, executing a high reach of the knees on every single repetition. Rest for 15 seconds and on to the burpees. Jump back as you gracefully throw yourself on the ground and catch yourself on a low push-up position. However, don’t hold yourself on the push-up and don’t resist gravity on your way down. The burpee is not a strict push-up. Have your chest touch the ground and burst back up. Continue for 30 seconds before a 15 seconds rest. Lastly, the plank up and plank down is a switch from the top of a push-up, on your hands, to a low plank, on your forearms and elbows. Alternate from one to the other, one arm at a time (left down, right down, left up, right up, etc.) for 30 seconds before taking a 15 seconds rest. Round one complete! Repeat 3 times and push yourself to keep the same amount of reps on the next two rounds.

For more great workouts like this one, download our free 2 month workout program, The HIITCore Training Guide. The guide is full of great information on the science behind HIIT as well as a nutrition article “Back to Basics” by Brianna Laurila, RD, LDN, which has great insight on formal a nutritional baseline.

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