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dumbbell renegade rows exercise

Renegade Rows HIIT Workout

Grab a set of dumbbells and get after this challenging workout!

Easily accomplished at home or your local gym this is a great workout that can be dialed appropriately based on skill level and increased in intensity or scaled back for beginners. Use a set of dumbbells that will allow for continued movement throughout the workout. However, if you are looking to challenge yourself on this one, choose a challenging weight while keeping in mind there’s considerable volume ahead. The effects of this workout are likely to start setting in around the 5 to 6th round and mental toughness is key to see this workout to the end.

We believe in you so, grab a set of dumbbells and have fun!!

Repeat 8 Times

5 Renegade Rows (each side)
4 Dumbbell Snatches (each side)
5 Dumbbell Goblet Squats

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