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Member Spotlight – Melanie Foley

by Alyssa Mazzella, BS, CPT

Melanie is one of the most hard working individuals that I have ever met. Not only is she a full time mother of 3, she also works at home as a full time Purchasing Agent and still makes the time to come into the gym and work her butt off.

Melanie will try any exercise thrown at her. From the “mentally and physically demanding infinity trainer” to mastering the jump rope to trying banded ring dips or lifting more than she thought she ever could in a sumo deadlift, Melanie will give it her all.

After spending 10 years in the military she knows what hard work and dedication can achieve; and with her daughters wedding only weeks away, Melanie had a goal to work towards. She initially came in hoping to get the motivation to workout and now she has found not only the motivation from a trainer but from her new found friends, her new love for the gym and her results she sees every day. She has benefited both mentally and physically from her efforts and we couldn’t be more proud of her. When she came in informing me that she was down another pants size, you could see the look of achievement on her face, as if nothing could stop her. That same day she lifted heavier weights than normal and pushed herself that much harder.

Even on the most challenging of workouts (such as biking and running and rowing a BUNCH of calories/meters) she’ll still work her absolute hardest.

I am impressed by her attitude and effort ever day.  Her will to try anything and push through, even if something is still too hard, is impressive and inspiring to all around her. She makes it a point to say hi to all of her classmates, new or old! And she’ll cheer them on and push them as well.

Keep up the hard work! We are lucky to have you as a member of HIITCore!