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fitness woman doing kettlebell workout

Kettlebell HIIT Workout

Total Time: 32 minutes
Equipment: Kettlebell

Target Muscles: Shoulders, Arms, Core, Legs


Get ready to have a great workout that will challenge your grip, core and muscle endurance! Before jumping in, take 5-10 minutes to stretch and warm up on your own. We recommend choosing a light to medium kettlebell for this workout. There’s a good amount of volume in this workout and it’s best executed if you are able to maintain good form as well as remain productive and explosive. That being said, if you are approaching your second set and want to grab a slightly heavier kettlebell, go for it, get sweaty and have fun!

The following workout is broken up into 2 segments which you will repeat twice. Work your way through the first segment, take a two minute rest and move on to the next segment. After segment #2, take another two minute rest and repeat segment #1 and so on until you have finished each segment twice. If you need to scale this workout down, we suggest adding 1 more minute of rest in between segments. For the more advanced individuals, push yourself today and only rest 1 minute between segments. Feeling brave? Chose a slightly heavier kettlebell and omit the rest in between the segments for a sure-to-be fire breather.


HIIT Segment #1

Every minute complete all reps and rest the remainder of the minute.

Min 1: 10 Shoulder Rotations (5 right direction & 5 left direction)
Min 2: 12 Goblet Squats
Min 3: 10 Shoulder Rotations (5 right direction & 5 left direction)
Min 4: 12 Goblet Squats
Min 5: 10 Shoulder Rotations (5 right direction & 5 left direction)
Min 6: 12 Goblet Squats

We are looking for a tight core on the shoulder rotations and goblet squats. Keep the shoulders engaged and do not hyper flex the shoulders back as you make your way around the head for the shoulder rotations. Keep your neck neutral and let your arms and shoulders do all the work as you move the kettlebell around your head, focusing on a tight core. Maintain good posture by not rounding your back forward on the goblet squats. Hold the kettlebell away from your body and only squat to a depth that allows for good form. Ensure that the knees are tracking over the feet and are not caving in as you squat.

Minutes 1, 3, 5:

10 Kettlebell Shoulder Rotations

fitness woman doing kettlebell shoulder rotations

Minutes 2, 4, 6:

12 Goblet Squats

fitness woman doing kettlebell goblet squats

Rest 2 Minutes.

HIIT Segment #2

Every minute complete all reps and rest the reminder of the minute.

Min 1: 12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
Min 2: 10 Russian Twists
Min 3: 12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
Min 4: 10 Russian Twists
Min 5: 12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
Min 6: 10 Russian Twists

The sumo deadlift high pull is an explosive movement. The hip thrust, initiated by the hamstring and glutes, are the agonist of this movement. Once the focus is directed at the hip, we can then think of the arms and shoulders as an aid to bring the kettlebell up in front of our chest and controlling the speed. For the Russian twist, we recommend following the kettlebell with your eyes as shown on the demonstration below instead of maintaining your glance forward. This minor but important queue allows for the movement to be achieved at a greater range of motion.

Minutes 1, 3, 5:

12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

fitness woman doing kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls

Minutes 2, 4, 6:

10 Russian Twists


fitness woman doing kettlebell Russian twists

Rest 2 Minutes.

*Repeat both segments.


We hope you have fun with this one! This is a great workout to do again and challenge yourself even more the next time. If you have any questions on the workout or any of the movements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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