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Core Strength & Conditioning Workout

Total Time: Approx 30 min.
Equipment: Dumbbells, Bench

Target Muscles: Chest, Back, Core

This is a great workout to improve on strength and explosiveness! Move from the HIIT Segment to the Core Segment, back to back, with minimal rest in between.

On the HIIT Segment we are targeting a 50/50 work to rest ratio which means we’re looking for consistent strength and explosive power movements. It’s not a long time of work, so move fast and explosive. We took a classic super-set of chest with the antagonist lats and combined it with explosive power moves which made for a great workout.

For the Core Segment, we are mainly focusing on strength and core awareness. Keep as much of a straight-leg as possible and fully stretch your lats on the cross body dumbbell pick-ups. On the weighted deadbugs, attempt to hold the dumbbell over and above your head so that you are adding resistance. Avoid rounding your back and keep your feet off the ground.

HIIT Segment

Repeat 5 Times

:20 Bench Power Steps
:20 Rest
:20 Bench Hop Overs
:20 Rest
:20 DB Bench Press
:20 Rest
:20 DB Single Arm Rows
:20 Rest

Core Segment

Repeat 4 Times

15 Cross Body Straight Leg Dumbbell Pickup – Left,
15 Cross Body Straight Leg Dumbbell Pickup – Right,
30 Overhead Dumbbell Deadbugs

We hope you have fun with this one! This is a great workout to do again and challenge yourself even more the next time. If you have any questions on the workout or any of the movements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Give this workout a try and tell us how you did! Tag us @hiitcorefitness and share the fun with your friends!