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fitness man doing kettlebelll workout

5 Minute Kettlebell Workout

A variation of a classic workout, grab a kettlebell and get after this challenging workout!

We recommend using a kettlebell that is challenging, however, you can maintain moving at all times. This workout works best when you are using the kettlebell deadlifts as your active recovery. Remain explosive on the kettlebell thrusters and propel the kettlebell up using the momentum created at the hip when standing up from the squat.

4  Rounds

Only Rest as Needed!

9 Kettlebell Deadlift Right
6 Kettlebell Hang Clean Right
3 Kettlebell Thrusters Right
9 Kettlebell Deadlift Left
6 Kettlebell Hang Clean Left
3 Kettlebell Thrusters Left


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