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Our Strategic weight loss programs (HC2, HCA and HCG drops) are weight loss programs designed by Weighless MD. The products used in this program are pharmaceutical grade and among the highest quality on the market.

The purpose of these programs is to provide a combination of nutrients that support the metabolism of abnormal fat stores, while supporting the body’s imbalances. The diet is a very structured low calorie plan that must be followed for optimal results.


HCG Drops: We are not aware of any contraindications, however proceed with caution with the following conditions:

  • current cancer treatment of any type (with the exception of skin cancer), suspicious mass being evaluated for a possible cancer, pregnancy, present or past history of breast cancer, some thyroid cancers, or other hormone related cancers such as prostate, unstable medical state (i.e. recent myocardial infarction or cardiac arrest, recent bypass surgery or stenting/angioplasty, recent hospitalization for major medical illness or poorly controlled medical condition), malignant hypertension (>180/120), recent stroke, clotting disorder.
  • Relative contraindications: poor medical control of any medical ailment, psychiatric instability, newly diagnosed medical conditions or newly prescribed medications of a serious nature (it is always best to stabilize medically before initiating a new treatment), body dysmorphic disorder, males with a history of BPH (will require a recent prostate check).

Possible adverse effects:

Notify practitioners if you have ever had a history of these conditions.

Allergic Reaction:

Symptoms of allergic reaction may include: Hives (Rash), Difficulty breathing (Shortness of breath), Swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Possible adverse symptoms related to a low calorie diet

Moodiness, irritability, headache, hair thinning, gallbladder attack, irregular period, dizziness/light-headedness, exercise intolerance, low blood sugar.


Our strategic weight loss programs produce a weight loss of 15-23 lbs in a 4 week period. There is often an improvement in metabolic health in patients that are obese, pre-diabetic, and diabetic. The ability to improve and possibly prevent the onset of diabetes and its associated health risks is a benefit to this weight loss program.

There is no question that obesity increases morbidity and mortality rates. Through targeted weight loss and a lowering of body mass index, these risks are substantially reduced.